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The Toronto Beekeepers Co-operative has evolved since 2000 to become a dynamic force in downtown Toronto's urban agriculture scene, as beekeepers and as educators.

We create opportunities for inexperienced individuals interested in working with bees to learn about hive ecology and maintenance, as well as honey production.

We limit the risk of inexperience by sharing our knowledge and working with experienced beekeepers.

We promote education about bee culture and urban ecology and education about urban agriculture and its ecological cycles.

We experiment with different bee products and bee keeping practices

We support members who wish to start their own beekeeping projects.


The Toronto Beekeepers Co-operative, founded in 2000, is a group dedicated to learning about bees and beekeeping, as well as to caring for our shared hives throughout the city.

We also are committed to providing public education regarding bees and their care, attending numerous public events throughout the year and involving ourselves in political advocacy on behalf of the health of bees.

Over time, we have become a dynamic force in Toronto’s urban agricultural scene, as bee keepers and educators. If you have further questions, please check our FAQ’s or fill out our contact form